What We Do

National Security Mission

Our mission-critical Information Operations (IO) capabilities enable government customers to understand and react to complex situations in a dynamic, global landscape.

With on-the-ground experience and a presence in some of the world’s most demanding environments, AM leverages industry-leading methodologies refined through decades of collective experience in the Defense and Intelligence communities.

Capacity Building and Transition Assistance

AM builds capacity within nascent media environments and supports the development of local media infrastructure. We build capacity in organizations and communities by building on local knowledge and experience and by customizing capacity-building strategies aligned with local development efforts.

Intelligence Collection and Analysis

AM maintains a global network to gather data and atmospherics from permissive and non-permissive locations. Our network is supported by our subject matter experts that provide forward-leaning analysis, insight, and recommendations to our customers supporting strategic decision-making and planning.

Media Development and Distribution

AM works with customers to develop long-term advocacy strategies informed by data and analytics. We provide compelling digital content for the most discerning target audiences that is developed for broadcast across multiple communication platforms and formats.

Strategic Communication and Public Diplomacy

AM supports all phases of the strategic communication cycle, delivering tailored solutions to our customers. We use a metrics-based assessment methodology to track and measure a campaign’s impacts, effects, and success.