Our Team

Jeff Steadman

Senior Cyber Threat Analyst


Mr. Jeff Steadman, Senior Cyber Threat Analyst, is responsible for AM’s strategy and operational execution supporting federal Security Operation Centers. He also maintains active roles performing threat hunting and incident response activities for clients. Mr. Steadman has responded to, investigated, remediated, and advised federal agencies on issues resulting from state-sponsored breaches. Additionally, he provides his expertise to improve cybersecurity processes resulting in increased time-to-resolution for cyber incidents.

He has over 20 years of experience in both the private and public sectors, including 11 years with federal law enforcement at the Postal Service Office of the Inspector General’s Computer Crimes Intrusion Unit. Mr. Steadman has also consistently worked with several government agencies on improving cyber-triage, network engineering, and forensic monitoring capabilities. He has testified as an email expert witness and forensic fact witness in a number of trials.

Mr. Steadman holds a Bachelor of Science in Network Communications from George Mason University as well as a number of professional certifications.