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Applied Memetics LLC is a professional services company dedicated to integrating and delivering best practice communication and information solutions in pre-conflict, conflict, or post-conflict areas. We create and execute strategic communications and information operations that are grounded in conceptual clarity, rigorous methodology, and on-the-ground experience.

From new media to traditional media to dynamic engineering of social networks: we exploit and leverage perceptions to create new realities on the ground. Our approach combines over sixty years of academic and applied experience in the field, and a sound understanding of business process. The partners and staff of Applied Memetics have provided solutions and insight to the Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy, Multi National Forces-Iraq, Fortune 500 companies, and American embassies worldwide.

The senior partners at Applied Memetics have personally witnessed the failure - often on a massive scale – of Government and commercial sector clients who fail to ignore the art and science of communication. The Applied Memetics approach seeks to deliver appropriately-themed messages and information to precise target audiences with a goal of viral message propagation and acceptance throughout an informational environment. Our approach is also our value proposition: to leverage current, best-practice technology applications and communications methodologies; to identify networks and key influencers; to deliver highly-effective themes and messages, and to incorporate measures of effectiveness (MOE) into all our services and products.

Our experience in both semi-permissive and non-permissive threat environments - and our preexisting global networks and contacts - allow us to support our clients’ communication and information needs in all environments and under all conditions. Whether boardroom or back alley – from the strategic to the tactical – Applied Memetics will provide its customers with effects-based communications solutions, linking people and networks.